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Shane Vermooten
Bianca Vermooten
Diane Vermooten

Natalie Becker
Hakeem Kae-Kazim
Deon Lotz
Greg Kriek


Bypass secured a domestic theatrical release and a global distribution deal. Now available to rent or purchase on Amazon and iTunes. Bypass tells the story of Dr Lisa Cooper, a cardiac surgeon who saves lives on her operating table every day, but is powerless to save the life of her only son Sam. With only 2% of the country on the organ donor list, Sam’s chances of getting a liver transplant are overwhelmingly stacked against him. When the final hope of receiving a transplant is severed, Lisa faces the most difficult decision of her life; to wait for a donor organ that may never present itself or to bypass the institutionalized medical system. This decision leads her right into the heart of conspiracy, danger and an international organ trafficking syndicate.




Less than 1% of South Africa’s population are registered organ donors; this small amount of legal organs, results in an extremely long transplant list. The uncertainty for prospective recipients on whether or not they will receive a life-saving organ, could encourage them to turn to the black market as an alternative solution. In response to this, Bypass partnered with the Organ Donor Foundation and our campaign actively encouraged people to register as Organ Donors. As a result of our campaign, there was a 40% spike in registrations.

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