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Shane Vermooten
Bianca Vermooten
Vlokkie Gordon          
Gu Yu

Kusasa is an international co-production between Chuan Films and Tencent Pictures in China and Advantage Entertainment and Optical Films in South Africa. Filmed over two months in South Africa and Sweden, Kusasa is the story of a young football team from South Africa and their journey to compete in the world’s largest youth football tournament, the Gothia Cup. From the bustling streets of a slum in Cape Town to the tree-lined avenues of Sweden, this group of football players and their larger-than-life coaches embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

2020 AFF Official Selection Laurels_whit


When the COVID-19 pandemic struck South Africa, the government mandated that anyone who left their house, needed to where a mask. Masks for an entire family can quickly add up especially in a community with already limited financial resources. We used excerpts from the film as an incentive for a crowd funding campaign to purchase masks not only for the Kusasa Stars, but the entire community. We managed to raise enough money to purchase and distribute 10,000 masks. In addition to the masks we were also able to distribute hundreds of litres of hand sanitiser.

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